The 2014 Lamborghini Giro

Lamborghini’s “The Pacific Grand Tour”

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In Italian, the word “giro” means “tour” in this instance. Like minded Lamborghini owners have the opportunity to assemble together and tour Northern and Central California.

The gain for Lamborghini from such an event is that it encourages it’s car owners to get out and drive, demonstrating how enjoyable it is to take a road trip in a beautiful sports car.

The trip costs $6,995. This includes hotel accommodations, luggage transfers, four dinners, three breakfasts and two lunches. The package provides most meals, which will be at top cuisine locations of the area, likely at one of the listed hotels. Lamborghini expects the scenery to complete the trip.

Giro 2014 began on Sunday, Aug. 10 in Healdsburg, CA and continues through Wednesday, Aug. 13. On the first day of driving, guests took Highway 1 to the Mendocino Coast for lunch and continued to a winery for dinner. The third day of the trip includes a drive through the mountains of Northern Sonoma. The final day is a drive south to San Francisco and an evening celebration and farewell event.

There is nothing better than touring lovely countryside, eating good food and making new friends while doing so in a car that makes every mile memorable. I’d bet that most likely the car’s occupants will never switch on the car radio because they much prefer listening to the mellifluous V-12 engines or the rip snorts coming from the V-10s and V-8s powering these Italian thoroughbreds down the country roads.

At the end, there are many opportunities to interact with spectators and friends who were not along for the ride. The stories and experiences will be shared which will reminded everyone that the journey can be as wonderful as the destination and to make time to enjoy such things more often.

Given the date and location of this Giro, I will assume that many of the participants will continue their motoring joy by heading a little further south from San Francisco to Monterey, CA to see more beautiful cars at the RM Auctions, Motorsports Reunion, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, etc.

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 Credits: Giro Lamborghini Events


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