Maserati, USA coast-to-coast road trip

Maserati covers its cross-US travels in Quattroporte

  • Will such a series maintain fan interest?
  • Will it create desire to own a Maserati? If so, why?

“In my opinion . . .”

Maserati’s Quattroporte coast-to-coast campaign today. The brand is releasing many videos—12 so far—showing the Quattroporte driving through different parts of the U.S. The videos show the car from the point of view of a helicopter, suggesting a race and very little beyond driving down a road happens.

Will this series maintain fan interest?

I would assume here that Maserati wants to motivate prospects to take a road trip . . . and maybe, just maybe in a Quattroporte. Splendid idea.

However it seems, in my opinion, they’re going through the motions, but there’s no emotion or a sense of adventure. It leaves me flat, and very importantly, unmotivated to share with others. That’s too bad.

The series needs more character development. More opinion about the car and how it can wonderfully take you over varied pieces of US highway and side roads to enjoy America in an Italian car. How about some colorful locals along the way? Maybe a few neat places off the beaten path to eat and spend the night? Show that the car often draws a crowd, where the presenter asks their opinion of the car?

It also needs more engine sound and camera angles to make me feel I am there and less dramatic soundtrack and the same cliché angles and video B-roll. The presenter is probably a nice guy, but his accent is too heavy. In my opinion, the producer needs someone with more character and perhaps someone who comes across as a little more like a typical American buyer of high-end luxury cars. Last but not least, he is often alone and who likes to take road trips alone? There should be a female passenger who gives her opinion along the way to give a woman’s’ point of view and to add a little glamor.

Other than that, I think it’s great! You can see the entire series here:

 Image credit: Maserati


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