Lamborghini’s restoration center is back

Lamborghini Polo Storico restoration center guarantees authenticity for its classic supercars

  • How will this restoration center further the brand’s heritage?
  • What does a brand gain from focusing on its own history?
  • What will mainstreaming restoration do for the future of the brand?

“In my opinion . . .”

Restoring a supercar from the 1960s and 1970s is a very long and expensive process. Nowadays certain supercars from that era command many millions of dollars in restored or “original” concours condition.  This means it makes financial sense to restore such cars that are in rough or damaged condition.

However, bringing back a car like that back to its original configuration is not just expensive, but extremely difficult as well. The knowledge from the people who originally designed and assembled them is fading away and the availability of original factory parts are very hard to find, often jokingly referred to as being made from “unobtanium.”  

Revived under the “Lamborghini Polo Storico” name, the new department includes everything owners need to restore their classic supercars and should be fully operational later this year. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari offer such services and it only makes sense for Lamborghini to do the same.

Having an exotic car restored by a highly regarded and reputable shop adds value to the vehicle. Having the Lamborghini factory itself do the restoration makes the restored car as desirable as it gets because the car has been authenticated on every level.

Not only the materials are authentic, but also the methods and processes of the restoration are as close as possible to the original. It’s essentially as it was when new.

Through this restoration center, owners of such cars will also have access to genuine spare parts, built from factory blueprints — a much better solution than having to manufacture one-off components. This factory access includes availability to documentation of historical models, technical schematics, body paint colors, leathers, reference images and blueprints.

Lamborghini Polo Storico will also offer a lot of historic digitized documentation to enthusiasts and journalists. This means the interest and awareness of the Lamborghini marque and its story will not fade from the scene. Instead it will deepen as the years pass, which in turn will drive the value of a concours-level, certified factory restored vehicles into stratospheric levels. 

Doing all of this helps Lamborghini maintain its heritage, which in turn helps add value, sexiness and historic richness to its present and future models. In a word, such efforts help the famous supercars of the past become immortal.

Image credit: Lamborghini


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