How to hear Aston Martin’s and Maserati’s exhaust sound

Aston Martin and Maserati’s social efforts that focus solely on the sound of their cars.

  • Why have these automakers decided to focus on just sound for these features?
  • What appeal will these sound-based social efforts have for brand enthusiasts?
  • What is the importance of showcasing the sound of cars in automotive marketing?

“In my opinion . . .”

Aston Martin has a SoundCloud account, where it shares the audio of various models in different gears and scenarios.
Have a listen here: 

Following its last SuperTrofeo race series, Maserati posted a video on Facebook that demonstrates the “sound of speed,” asking “how it should be shaped?” This includes sound visualization, but no imagery of the actual car. Have a listen here: 

Both sound fantastic, no?

As opposed to the luxury car or hybrid car which is supposed to be smooth and uneventful as you drive cocooned in quiet solitude, sports and exotic cars stimulate virtually every sense all the time. The sights and visuals excite the senses—both inside and out. The touch of surfaces, the sensation of inertia and speed, the smells of leather and hot metal and, in this case, the sound of the engine from inside and outside of the car.Together, these tangible and intangible aspects all add up to more than the sum of their subjective parts to create a unique driving experience.

The senses of smell and sound have sometimes been overlooked by marketers as significant elements that contribute to the driver’s involvement and interaction with a car. Some cars have no smell other than plastic. Some cars sound like sewing machines. So much of the engagement equation is missing.

I am anthropomorphizing a little here, but sound is so important because it helps to demonstrate all the various emotions and moods a car can exhibit—from a low guttural growl at idle, to an howling war cry in the upper revs. Over the years there have been a few cars that are famous for their characteristic engine notes which, to those with an ear for such things, can be easily recognized before the car even comes into view. Any air-cooled Porsche 911, a Ferrari V-12 and a Lamborghini Murcielago are but three examples of a mechanical orchestra.

What Aston Martin and Maserati are attempting to do is to introduce the sound of a car to a prospective buyer and admirers of the marque. These manufacturers are looking for a recognizable, signature sound they can call their own. Of course, even though high-quality recording equipment is likely used to capture the sounds of the car, the quality of the playback is only as good as the speakers on the computer or smart phone. That’s better than nothing, but nowhere near the reality of being in the car, or standing there listening as it accelerates past you.

Now, all they need is to do is perfect scratch-and-sniff technology so they can showcase the leather online.


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