High-end automakers are starting to use Pinterest

  • Bentley just joined and Mercedes, Aston Martin and Ferrari are active on it.
  • What can affluent automakers get from using Pinterest?
  • What type of consumers are these automakers are trying to reach?
  • Is Pinterest a good marketing tool for automakers?
  • Why have these few automakers joined?
  • Could using Pinterest hurt an automaker is any way?

“In my opinion . . .”

At this point, it’s a no cost/low cost way of keeping the brand and its stylistic imagery in front of a social media-centric, well-connected demographic. Generally speaking, for product manufacturers, Pinterest linking and cross-linking drives traffic to the company’s website(s), which should lead to an engagement with prospective consumers, and assist in the conversion of leads into actual sales.

Automakers are trying to reach the mavens, the connoisseurs and the respected authorities whose public opinion matters to others. In other words, these automakers want to “influence the influencers.”

Pinterest is a good marketing tool for automakers, providing their marketing department understands how the process works, and how to monitor comments, and provides plenty of brand-relevant “eye candy” ready to be Pinned.

These few automakers have joined I assume because they see the value and are early adopters into this new social media site. These automotive marques are associated with affluence, sophistication and excitement. The Pinterest related imagery should non-verbally tell stories that reinforce what each brand is supposed to stand for. The imagery keeps the brand active in the consumer’s mind and is added to their Pinterest wish list.

In the affluent demographic, many define themselves by the type of car they are seen driving or being driven in. Of course, very few of the many millions who now use Pinterest can afford these types of automobiles, but Pinterest is a way for these individuals to still be seen associated with such stylish high-end cars. So, for the auto maker, this affinity raises the brand’s value and social currency in the general public’s eye.

Could using Pinterest hurt an automaker? That’s hard to say since Pinterest is in its infancy, but in my opinion, they would get hurt only if they do not monitor reactions on Pinterest, or provide enough stimulating and desirable imagery to generate the attention and desire required to get Pinned often.


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