Ferrari’s 2014 California “T” model

Ferrari launched its new California T during the Geneva Auto Show.

  • Will the California T strengthen the brand at all?
  • If so/not, why?

“In my opinion . . .”

Will this car improved and strengthen the brand? Ferrari’s tifosi says “sì!”

Why? It’s quite simple.

Better styling: when looking at the earlier California from behind you could tell it had a bit too much junk-in-the-trunk. In fact, the California T has been voted “Most Stylish Car of the Year” by Switzerland’s most popular weekly magazine, Schweizer Illustrierte.

The new styling cues on the California T have been borrowed from the Ferrari F-12 and that definitely makes the car look more attractive and slimmer in the hips (but we still like hips!). Hopefully they also pulled out some of the curb weight as well.

Better power: the new V-8 turbo engine—hence the “T”—is also a nice addition to the model line. The engine’s internals, i.e., turbos, intakes, exhaust (different to compliment the twin-scroll turbos), pistons—all different.

In my opinion, the old California was a good concept, but this new updated version with over 550 HP and 550 Lb/Ft at lower RPM looks like it’ll be a real muscle car with improved grip and road manners.

You can read more details of the California T by clicking here.

Forza Ferrari!

Image Credit: The Detroit Bureau


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