BMW’s new M4 social video. App not included … yet.

The hot new BMW M4: personal touches cost extra, but the apps not real. Yet.

  • Why showcase the app in advance?
  • What will focusing on individual performance parts present to consumers and enthusiasts?

“In my opinion . . .”

The bad news for auto enthusiasts who love to tinker with a car’s engine is, it’s obvious that the golden age of hot rodding is coming to an end. The latest offerings from auto manufactures—such as this 2015 M4 from BMW—have become nearly impossible to legally modify unless you have a degree in computer science and engineering and very expensive electronic hardware and software.

The good news is, for the average motoring performance enthusiast, BMW’s latest M cars are so powerful and well engineered that the craving for more power is satiated for all but the most hard core.

However an auto enthusiast’s desire to have a bespoke automobile still lives, and BMW has not left them wanting. BMW’s à la carte list of options, packages and accessories for its M series allows any new owner to feel that his or her high-performance vehicle is out-of-the-ordinary and personalized to reflect his or her’s specific tastes.

The YouTube video here shows an enthusiast with his bespoke BMW M4, fully loaded with BMW M Performance parts, blasting around an abandoned industrial complex pretending to be “hooning” around like Ken Block in one of his famous gymkhana videos.

The featured BMW phone app is admittedly concept only at this stage, but the notion is a good one because it’s another way for man and machine to interface. In this case, the app recorded select performance data while going around the obstacle course. For instance, it recorded a top speed over the 1.65 mile course of 88 MPH—don’t let the cops see that.

BMW has always claimed to be “the ultimate driving machine,” and this proposed phone app helps supports this notion to its customers. Recording performance driving data has all sorts of value for the enthusiast. For one, it verifies to the owner that the vehicle purchased lives up to the factory’s performance claims. The driver can also see useful feedback when doing lap times around a local closed course during driver training events, or over a favorite part of twisty country roads. The app can also be used for “bragging rights” as demonstrated in this video where, at the end of the, he shows the recorded lap data to a friend. Given the look on his face, the friend was not as quick around the obstacle course and drives away quickly with his upgraded M performance exhaust tailpipe between his legs.

No doubt BMW will be monitoring viewer’s reaction to the video to see if it should be implemented. I say yes!

 Video credit: BMW


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