BMW i8 and Louis Vuitton are the latest in fashionable driving

Exclusive luggage fits well with an exclusive BMW

  • Are partnerships with fashion brands useful for automakers? 
  • Why or why not?

“In my opinion . . .”

Louis Vuitton is creating an exclusive luggage for the BMWi8. The set includes  a business case, two travel bags and a garment bag. The luggage compliment the colors, cues, shape and ethos of the i8.

There’s nothing wrong with fitted luggage for cars. It’s been done for a long time. Brand partnering is a more modern notion, BMW here being the anchor brand. People often define themselves by what they drive or are seen being driven in, and in this particular case, the different brands with different products and values can successfully unite. The carbon-black luggage range complements some of the colors and design cues of the BMW i8. The baggage’s dark and bright blue lining also compliments the car’s visual touches. Padlocks and name tags accompany the bags for security and identification. It’s a good match.

Since the i series represents both a new engineering and philosophical direction for BMW, gaining seals of approval from highly-respected brands helps to usher in the change. Since people tend to define themselves by what they drive (or are seen being driven in), this luggage set is an outward expression of the person’s lifestyle and socio-economic status.

In my estimation, women will tend to be more receptive to this i8/Louis Vuitton notion than men because women often see modern automobiles as a fashion statement. But frankly I personally don’t know anyone who actually USES the fitted luggage more than once. It’s sort of a novelty and only good for short road trips. They never seem to hold enough for a longer stint and they don’t want the luggage damaged when flying commercial airlines. It’s often preserved for when the car is resold.

Image credit: Louis Vuitton


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