Audi’s new creative campaign for the 2016 Audi A6

Audi’s new ad campaign showcases its latest in-car connectivity

  • What will the technology focus add to the campaign?
  • What will the complimentary Wi-Fi access in airports around the country do to reach consumers, both aspirational and current?
  • How will Audi, and its consumers, benefit from an omnichannel approach to this advertising campaign?

“In my opinion . . .”

The new ad campaign by Audi entitled “Challenge All Givens” is supposed to resonate with those who defy convention. The campaign has two new TV commercials that aim to draw attention to technology used by Audi—and these days, it seems to be all about technology, not the driving experience as it used to be.

The first commercial is titled Drones obviously is derived from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The message from Audi is how advanced technology is not intimidating to Luddites and responds to the claim, that some say today, that technology is going too far—becoming out of control.

The second commercial, titled Teenager will run in spot-cable locations. The story line is of a father and his teenage daughter. Apparently he uses the A6’s Facebook app/access as leverage when his daughter wants the keys. The tagline at the end, “advanced technology doesn’t have to be complicated,” seems a bit of an oxymoron to me because very few things are uncomplicated any more.

The ads showcase how the A6’s infotainment platform connects to AT&T’s 4G LTE network on a built-in WiFi hotspot for multiple mobile devices. Using Apple’s Siri technology, this system can support online traffic information, streaming radio, news updates, Facebook and Twitter alerts and Internet radio streaming—all while keeping your eyes on the road (one would hope).

These two ads, and likely more to come, will air on cable sports, prime and network prime slots and in select metro markets nationally. This cross-media campaign will be backed-up with print and digital ads in media such as the New York Times, Times, Forbes, ESPN, The Onion, Wired, Washington Post and others.

We consumers expect connectivity to be virtually everywhere these days—especially when we are on the road. When driving, we want the option to be switched-on and connected to the world. It’s a part of our new digital lifestyle. Audi is letting its customers know that the company understands this need and is integrates it into the driving engagement and experience. It’s the wave of the future for motoring to be sure.

Image credit: Audi of America


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