On 3D Modeling & Marketing

From concept to 3D design to photorealism

Get an early start on your marketing and PR.




Computer-generated imaging (CGI) 3D imagery used to be the sole domain of large companies with huge marketing and advertising budgets. Thanks to advances in technology, we offer you the same high-quality, computer-generated “product photography” but at a cost that your company can afford. 3D photo-realism means just that: color images that look so realistic, most people cannot differentiate them from actual photographs. Imagine having a series of “photos” of your project car, or new aftermarket part, while the project is still in the design stage. Examples at the bottom.

CGI imagery takes your design to a photo-realistic level.  It’s nearly impossible to distinguish from a real photo.

That a money-saving step gives you a big head start on your marketing efforts. In addition, 3D CGI imagery gives you much more flexibility than conventional product photos because you can demonstrate your product:

  • With a wide variety of colors, textures, or finishes
  • In exploded views—impossible with normal photos
  • Animated in 360 degree “flybys”
  • Placed into an actual photo—for added realism


You start from drawn plans and photos in these computer files: .AI (Adobe Illustrator); .DXF or .DWG (Auto CAD); .OBJ, .PRJ, .PRJ; or .3DS (3D Studio).

The 3D design can be combined with a photograph to show how it looks when built. That saves time and money.

The final 3D product “photos” are useful for all types of marketing needs: packaging, press releases, advertising, marketing collateral, and trade show graphics. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Let us help you maximize the dollar value of your marketing efforts.

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